Posted by: Henry | November 13, 2011

Day 2

  • Started attaching car together by gluing two pieces of wood together
  • The wood had holes made into them to put the axle in which are made from coat hangers
  • Buttons on both sides of the 4 wheels were glued on to the hot glue gun so that the axle would go through
  • The lever of the mousetrap was also made by welding the coat hanger together
  • We used ” The stuff that keeps chairs from leaving marks on the floor sticker things” to stop the feel from moving around
  • We hot glued most of the parts together to keep the car from falling apart
Posted by: Henry | October 30, 2011

Day 1


  • Met with Vanessa to discuss what we need and how we were going to build the mousetrap car
  • Vanessa bought a lot of random things from the dollar store while I brought some CDs from home
  • Looked at some videos and instructions on building a mouse trap car and got a general idea of how to start ours
  • We drafted out the materials that we didn’t need and the materials that we did need
  • We decided to encase the CDs with balloons for traction
  • We also cut off the metal bar from the mousetrap to prepare to make the lever